4 Things You Didn’t Know About SEO

I’m a guy who has spent more than 7 years in SEO community. There are always an SEO in my entire life, when I work, meet someone, create project, even now I have a class that teach people about SEO.

I’ve good enough information about SEO world, I will write it here. I’m pretty sure that most of these are things that you didn’t know it before.

1. Getting Hundreds of Keyword In Just One Content

Yes, it is possible to do that, because I’ve done that. So, if you want to follow what I did, here are some tips you can try:

  • Choose your topic of content
  • Make sure that your content contains many of sub-topic
  • Your sub-topic must be an LSI (latent semantic indexing). If you don’t know what is LSI, just Google it.
  • Write more then 1.000 words
  • When you create backlinks, you must use LSI as an anchor text

2. Never Mind Huge Traffic

How big is your traffic is not always equal to how much is your money. I have so many study cases to prove that theory.

I have some sites.

There is a site that have about 10.000 visitors a day, this site is just generate around $4 a day. But my another site can generate same value with just 1.000 visitors.

The point is you should find a targeted keyword on targeted audience to make a huge of money. Just focus on your research and your goal of money, don’t mind your traffic.

3. Tools You Should Use For Keyword Research

There are so many free and premium tools that I tried, and I’ve a conclusion that in SEO it is enough to use just 2 tools:

  • Google Keyword Planner and
  • Ahrefs

Believe me, you don’t need another tool out there. Those are 2 tools that help me generate thousand dollars every month.

4. Links That You Need

Since 2017 there are no backlink except contextual link. So your comment link, profile link, and social bookmark link is doesn’t work anymore.

Just focus your time to create contextual link. The high level of contextual link is using private blog network (PBN) or aged domain. I’ve write a long-words content here about aged domain.

If you have too much non-contextual links, It will harm your site and Google won’t help you rank better.

4 thoughts on “4 Things You Didn’t Know About SEO”

  1. Assalamualaikum Mr Vatih……
    I wanna ask something about create contextual link,according to what you write in this postblog,create pbn is feel expensive for me,if i changed with free Blog network,is it oke?,i mean not making google angry And kick my blog to someplace that i don’t know where it is ,
    Pardon me if my English is belepotan,
    Thanks before ,

    Iwan Santoso

  2. Salam mr vatih…
    i will ask you about seo…
    i wrote about artcles and the keyword is three sentence…
    then i make it two sentence..
    And he problem is i cant find the two sentence keyword in search engine
    thank you mr vatih

  3. If you’re still improving your english, it would be better if you write some simple things, such as daily life. So if anyone asks you, just like the previous comment, you’ll be easily answer the question. Just a suggestion, I’m learning too. Salam…


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